Kenny Munro
Public Art Commissions

Diversity, consultation and innovation forms the  creative core of activities. Early sculpture pillars in granite and bronze are architecturally robust with text and carved panels. And ‘Evergreen’ a  homage to Sir Patrick Geddes can be seen in Perth.

History and contemporary design, using bronze and stainless steel, can be seen at Clydeview Park. (Renfrew) 8 Pillars and Pyramid Stone with 5 schools.

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Interdisciplinary collaboration can be seen with the Stones of Scotland, at Regent Rd./ Park Edinburgh. Involving key artists George Wyllie MBE and Lesley-May Millar. The  nautical stainless steel seat Navigation was made with David Hastings. The feature is now installed at the new pier/harbour on the island of Canna with designs contributed by local school pupils.

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