Kenny Munro
George Wyllie

My first recollection/meeting with George was on a Ricki Demarco trip (about 12 folk) to Ireland in 1978. Curiously we did visit many ancient stone circles including Newgrange. (Had my most bizarre carryout of Guinness. Rushing to get on the art tour bus, the barman had no bottles or cans so he just pulled a pint into a class and put the whole thing in a brown paper bag which I took onto the bus. Strange but True)

But I really got to know him via the work of Sir Patrick Geddes. George had seen my sculpture ‘A Place for Geddes’ at the SSA in 1991 and got my number from Murdo MacDonald to phone me up to chat about the bronze table piece. (George took the piece to the 18th Triennale in Milan as part of Scotland’s/ Glasgow’s contribution. Entitled Dear Green Place ~ A Question of Equilibrium.)

Since then we have travelled again to Ireland, with his Spires project, and also to Berlin and Montpellier. We’ve both worked in India at different times.

Kenny Munro

• Constructor Philosopher  (Green Patina)
(The first head was made in 1994 and technically this was before George received the MBE.

• Boat Head ~ 2003
 The boat on head also doubles as a Viking longboat, as George reckons his ancestors arrived that way! And the spiral links to Corryvreckan the turbulent gulf of water north of Island of Jura. Both celebrating the controlling energy of the sea, which we have both sailed, and the spiral of ideas and energy to and from the brain. Musical Double Bass(which George plays) also features to reflect on a shared interest in Jazz music.

• Inside Out ~ Date 2003 > 2006 (Large bronze fragment of head)
Original created in the SNPG at public event “Ideas in the Head’with GW in 2003.

• SOS Man   Mono print 2004
Ref to most major collaborative project:
Stones of Scotland.  A circular installation of 32 stones at Regent Road Park Edinburgh.  Collected by G.Wyllie, K.Munro, L.M. Miller  plus many folk from each of Scotlands political regions. Inspired by Hugh MacDiarmid’s poem ‘Scotland’ and the work of Tessa Ransford who composed her piece ‘Incantation’ specifically for the project.

• The Wee Heids  2003 ~ small bronze head(sketches by both me and GEORGE)

In Dialogue :: Exhibition at Scottish National Portrait Gallery Sept 2006-Jan 2007

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